Date 3 January 2023
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New regulations for the greek golden visa program

With an amendment voted by the Greek government, the investment threshold for obtaining a golden visa in areas with high commercial value is changed. With the new law, The minimum value of the real estate has to be at least 500,000 euros at the time of its acquisition and the new government regulation for the golden visa will apply only to the following areas: the Regional Units of North, Central and South Athens Sector of the Attica Region, Mykonos, Santorini and the Municipality Thessaloniki. Additionally, in the case of the investment through the purchase of real estate in the above areas, it is carried out in a single property and it is not possible to top up the investment amount by buying more properties. Third-country nationals have until 31 December 2023 to complete ongoing contracts for the areas where minimum values are changing.

For the rest areas of the country, the minimum value of the property is set at 250.00 euros as it was until now. More specifically, the minimum value of real estate remains at 250,000 euros and this amount can be supplemented by purchasing one or more properties.

Finally,  Citizens of non european countries – holders of a permanent investor residence permit can renew their residence permit for the same duration (5 years) as long as the property remains in their ownership and the period of their absence from the country is not a problem. Also, for citizens of third countries who own real estate, there are provisions of renting these.