Date 8 February 2023
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On Thursday, February 2, 2023, the BOUSSIAS Business Law Awards 2022 ceremony of the LAWYER magazine was held in Athens in a festive atmosphere and in the presence of more than 150 representatives of firms and institutions.

In their second ceremony, which took place under the auspices of the association of greek industries (SEV), the awards highlighted great teams, great projects and good practices that are taking the legal profession in Greece one step forward. Law firms and in-house legal departments of companies were awarded for cases they successfully handled or for projects they participated in as legal advisors. What was assessed was the complexity of the legal problems faced, the ingenuity of the solutions provided and the contribution of the legal teams to business law.

Nexus Law Firm was among the award-winning law firms. Specifically, it won the Silver Award in the Best Real Estate and Infrastructure Project category for the year 2022.

The leading partner of Nexus Law Firm, Mr. Thanos Charistos, during the presentation of the award, mentioned:

“In the (new) normality that is being restored in the legal world of the country, extroversion, the search for new cognitive objects and their encounter with entrepreneurship are constant challenges. Every modern law firm must answer them. Today’s award for Nexus Law Firm is a reward for this daily effort of our team”